The Kitchen Fire of '97

by Glenn Matthews

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There was a big mess to clean up.
Nothing will ever be the same.


released December 17, 2015

Recorded at Sleepless Sound Studio
Produced by Adam Laub and Lucas Kozinski
Mastered by Bob Iacano



all rights reserved


Glenn Matthews Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Petty Theft
You're intimidating like a cop car that's missing one headlight
Taking corners hard without a siren on in the dead of night

I just nod my head

All you talk about is how you used to break rules
and how hard it is to have fun anymore

I just nod my head
It's petty theft of genuine experience
I just nod my head and deal with it now how it is
It's petty theft of genuine experience
I'm just supposed to run with it for as long as I can
Track Name: Make A Man
You said I look like my mother from behind
Then apologized but I didn't mind
You said I have my fathers eyes and a calm smile
I think about it all of the time
Why do you have to try and define it

You said I don't have the right to expect
selfish things from anybody
It's a waste of time
You said I don't mean it like it sounds but it's all you'll ever be
Why do you have to go and make a man out of me
You said listen it's all you'll ever be
No you'll never make a man of me

I am anyone I want to be

You said I always thought I knew you better than this
Track Name: Shit Grin
Your teachers played favorites even though they tried
Not to get caught up and keep an open mind
It's hard to be unbiased when you think you've seen it all
You just got under their skin with your habits

Your teachers played favorites even though they tried
To ignore your little shit grin, that fearless look in your eyes
You don't know where you're going
All you know is where you've been
And one day you'll get caught up in where you once began
Whether it's tomorrow or laid out on your deathbed
You'll forget about it 'til then
Track Name: The Back Lawn
Waiting for things to change
They can't stay the same
Nearly anything would do
I see everything from afar
I fear that I'm losing you to bitter silence
The early morning glow on the back lawn...
Something in your voice was wrong

What's missing here?
A glass of something clear
Nearly anything would do
Loosen up, it's a party
We all came here to fool someone
into thinking we're more than who we are

It makes you feel invincible but only for the night